Where can I buy ProntoLind ?

Prontolind is available in tattoo or piercing studios and in pharmacies.

How does Prontolind differ from other products for piercing care?

Unlike many other products, Prontolind can be used for an unlimited length of time. It is compatible with all the materials used in piercing jewellery. Prontolind promotes wound healing and does not dry out the skin. Due to its modified surface tension, it reaches all the jewellery and skin areas, thereby reliably removing infectious agents.

Prontolind cleans the puncture canal thoroughly, thus promoting healing and preventing infections. Some other standard products are not very suitable for treating puncture canals because they do not possess a similar capillary effect.

Prontolind can rely on many years of clinical experience, and its recipe is considered the first choice for treating wounds in the clinical field.

Prontolind Spray is the only piercing care product that is certified as a medical device and is thereby subject to the highest quality and safety regulations.

Can allergic reactions to ProntoLind occur?

The polyhexanide-betaine complex in Prontolind has the broadest therapeutic spectrum and best dermatological compatibility of all the established substances in wound healing. Prontolind is made completely without alcohol, phenols, iodine or fragrances. Since the market launch of Prontolind, no allergic reactions have been reported.

Do I need to take anything into consideration when using ProntoLind? Application restrictions, allergies?

No – Prontolind has no application restrictions and can be used on the whole body, including the genital area. For tongue piercings, we recommend Prontolind Mouthwash.

Wie pflege ich richtig während der Abheilzeit?

Wende Prontolind Spray während der Abheilzeit 3 – 5 mal täglich an. Piercings und Dermal Anchors werden mit mehreren Sprühstößen aus kurzer Entfernung befeuchtet. Nach einer Einwirkzeit von einer Minute können Verunreinigungen und leicht lösbare Beläge unter zur Hilfenahme von Vlies- oder Mullkompressen oder fusselfreien Wattestäbchen entfernt werden. Der Schmuck muß zur Piercingpflege nicht aus dem Stichkanal entfernt werden, denn Prontolind erreicht durch seine herabgesetzte Oberflächenspannung den Stichkanal selbstständig.

For what should I use the gel?

The gel can be used for all piercings that are covered with a swab (anchor, skin diver) and also for all ear conch piercings. The gel is extremely well suited for stretching the ear holes (lobes) and for use with tunnel jewellery (tunnel / plugs), and helps to reduce or remove odours from the tunnel.

Warum sollte ich Prontolind auch nach der Abheilung benutzen?

Prontolind is ideal for cleaning puncture canals and jewellery. Prontolind removes the biofilm and all the bacteria from the puncture canal and piercing jewellery, thereby helping to suppress or eliminate the sometimes unpleasant odours.

How long can I use ProntoLind?

Prontolind can be used for any length of time without any problems. It can also be used after the healing period for cleaning and care of the puncture canals or for treating problematic piercings. The special feature of Prontolind is that it does not dry out the skin, but instead it improves the complexion and promotes healing of the wound.