After the stitch is before care

For all kinds of piercings
The Prontolind Gel is used for all kinds of body modifications.

No burning, no itching
Prontolind Gel is particularly gentle to the skin and also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Regeneration and protection
Prontolind Gel protects and regenerates at the same time. The all-round care from the tube.

Stub canal well supplied
The Prontolind Gel penetrates and cleans the canaliculus automatically.

Prontolind Gel for Piercings of all kinds

Prontolind Gel is especially suitable for all areas which are covered with a bandage after piercing (e.g. skindiver, dermal anchor, microdermals etc.). It is also ideal for use on nose and ear piercings, as it adheres well and protects these areas optimally against infections.

For ear hole stretching, Prontolind Gel is the optimal lubricant and prevents odour formation. In combination with Prontolind foam, the gel is also ideal after tattoos.