After the stitch is before care

For all oral piercings
The Prontolind mouth rinse is the all-rounder for piercings in the oral area.

Good taste
Prontolind Mouth Rinsing Solution tastes and cares at the same time.

Regeneration and protection
Protects and regenerates at the same time. The oral all-round care to rinse.

Stub canal well supplied
The Prontolind mouth rinsing solution quickly penetrates the canaliculus.

Prontolind Mouth Rinsing Solutio

For all piercings in the oral area, also suitable for daily dental care! The ProntoLind mouth rinse solution promotes healing after tongue and lip piercings. Thus the mouth rinse solution cares and cleans completely without harmful ingredients like chlorhexidine, sugar or alcohol. In addition, the mouth rinsing solution prevents the formation of biofilms – the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Compared to other mouth rinsing solutions, no side effects such as taste irritations, changes in the mucous membranes or yellowing of the teeth are to be expected. The same active ingredient complex is also used very successfully in the dental field for daily dental care.