Prontolind – Tattoo and Piercingcare

Dermatologically tested*

The skin compatibility of Prontolind was awarded the top rating “very good” by the independent institute “dermatest”.*

100% vegan and without animal testing

All Prontolind products are absolutely vegan. Animal testing has also been completely avoided in the development process.

Made in Germany

Prontomed GmbH, based in East Westphalia, has been developing and manufacturing exclusively in Germany since its foundation in 1998.

Our Products

Prontolind Spray 75ml

For all kinds of piercings

Prontolind Piercing Spray in the 75ml spray bottle cleans even areas that are difficult to access and penetrates the canaliculus automatically.

Due to the spray application it can be used with low irritation on pain sensitive areas.

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Prontolind Spray
Prontolind Gel

Prontolind Gel 10ml

For tunnels, piercing and bodymods

Prontolind Gel is especially suitable for all areas which are covered with a bandage after piercing (e.g. Skindiver, Dermal Anchor, Microdermals etc.)

It is also ideal for use on nose and ear piercings, as it adheres well and protects these areas optimally against infections.

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Prontolind Tattoocare foam 100ml

For tattoos of all kinds

The Prontolind tattoo care foam in the practical 100ml dispenser cares for, protects and regulates the tattooed skin, ideal for daily care during the healing period.

The contained polyhexanide-betain complex prevents inflammation, redness and crust formation.

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Tattooschaum prontolind
Prontolind Mundspüllösung

Prontolind Mouthrinse 250ml

For oral piercings of all kinds

For all piercings in the oral area, also for the daily dental care very well suitable! The Prontolind mouth rinse solution promotes healing after tongue and lip piercings.

Thus the mouth rinse solution cares and cleans completely without harmful ingredients like chlorhexidine, sugar or alcohol.

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Prontolind mouthspray 75ml

For oral piercings of all kinds

With the pocket-sized mouth spray Prontolind is always with you. The antibacterial care for oral piercings promotes wound healing and prevents inflammation.

With the fresh menthol taste, the mouth spray also provides pleasant refreshment in between.

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Prontolind Mundspray
Prontolind Tropflösung

Prontolind Drip solution 20ml

Perfect for every branch canal

Prontolind Drip Solution can be used alternatively to the Piercing Spray and is excellent for cleaning piercings.

In combination with lint-free cotton swabs and fleece or gauze compresses. Optimal anti microbial protection!

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About Prontolind

Tattoo and piercing care without compromises!

Prontomed GmbH, manufacturer of Prontolind, develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical, cosmetic and hygiene products for the clinic, practice, beauty and home care sectors. As one of the world’s leading companies in polyhexanide technology, we offer innovative special products for hygiene and infection protection in various medical and cosmetic fields.

Prontomed GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001/EN 13485. All our products are manufactured according to GMP guidelines. We guarantee the best possible quality!

  • best dermatological compatibility*
  • absolute renunciation of animal testing
  • all Prontolind products are 100% vegan
  • made in Germany
  • also available in every pharmacy

Professional piercings need professional care. For this reason leading studios recommend exclusively Prontolind care products for 10 years. The recipes of Prontolind have been the first choice worldwide for many years. Prontolind brings clinical know-how to the studios. The care series offers the right product for every application. In addition to the normal care products, special products are also offered, e.g. for tunnels, plugs, oral piercings and body modifications.

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