After the stitch is before care

For all kinds of piercings
The Prontolind Spray is the all-rounder and can be used for all kinds of piercings.

No burning, no itching
Prontolind Spray is particularly gentle to the skin and also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Regeneration and protection
Prontolind Spray protects and regenerates at the same time. The all-round care from the spray head.

Stub canal well supplied
The Prontolind spray penetrates and cleans the stitch canal independently.

EAN: 4260177230464

Prontolind Spray for all kinds of piercings

Prontolind Piercing Spray in the 75ml spray bottle cleans even areas that are difficult to access and penetrates the canaliculus independently. Due to the spray application it can be used with low irritation even on pain sensitive areas. After a short period of action, incrustations are removed painlessly with lint-free compresses or cotton swabs.

Mit dem Prontolind Piercingspray wird das Piercing antimikrobiell gereinigt um so Infektionen vorzubeugen. Der enthaltene Polyhexanid-Betain-Komplex bietet optimalen antimikrobiellen Schutz.